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Our Story: We Turned Expertise into a Growth Revolution

We see the problem with most agencies out there is that they don’t deliver on their promises. Some junior staff usually run them and end up with little effectiveness, not delivering results.

That said, we founded Team Intelligence to help you succeed like our businesses.

We are the in-house growth experts, mastering cutting-edge marketing not through theory, but by testing and refining strategies in the trenches of our own businesses. We relentlessly analyze the latest trends and research to find what truly drives results. This expertise led us to work with select clients, treating each project as our own.

Our people are the front runners in the industry and the people working on YOUR business, the same people who work on OUR own business.

Our founder, Ezekiel Chew, is a multifaceted entrepreneur, investor, trader, and growth advisor for companies and startups. With over two decades of experience, he has honed his digital marketing and offline business skills. He has a portfolio of companies under his group, consisting of SAAS, education, and publishing sectors.

The genesis of Team Intelligence can be traced back to Ezekiel’s earlier venture, Asia Forex Mentor (AFM). Initially founded as a platform for teaching friends, AFM evolved into a thriving online education platform. As AFM grew, it became an incubator for Team Intelligence, which was born from the desire to provide exceptional digital marketing services to select clients.

Team Intelligence’s approach is grounded in the hands-on experience gained from building businesses from the ground up. We relentlessly research, test, and refine strategies, drawing from our own successful 7 and 8-figure ventures. Now, we put that strategy-first, results-driven mindset to work for our clients. This expertise enables us to deliver transformative results for our clients, helping them soar to new heights.

Defining who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Be Open-minded

We constantly aspire to gain new skills. Keeping our minds open to new ideas and experiences is what makes our team the best it can be.

Be Reliable

Our character defines who we are and what we do. Regardless of the project or the obstacle, our standards and professional traits remain consistent, ethical, and unwavering.

Improvement Obsessed

Nothing kills creativity like stagnation. At Team Intelligence, our teams are fascinated with improvement and outcomes, and we're always looking for new methods to stay on top.

What We Do

At Team Intelligence, we know that generic marketing gets generic results.

We start with strategy. Diving deep into your business, we craft a custom marketing plan that aligns with your goals and leverages the tactics that fueled our own success. That’s why we combine battle-tested strategies with cutting-edge insights, all tailored to your unique business goals and challenges. Our team of in-house experts has mastered the art and science of growth marketing, strategy and planning because we’ve applied those same tactics to scale our own businesses.

Reduce Spend

Maximize your investment with laser-focused ads that reach the right audience at the right time.

Increase Leads

We understand your ideal customer and design campaigns to attract and convert them.

Grow your business with Team Intelligence

Establish yourself as the go-to expert, attracting top-tier clients and strategic partnerships.

Reduce Cost. Increase Leads. Grow Your Revenue with Team Intelligence

We’re a full-service digital agency that adopts an aggregate approach to your marketing strategy.

Whether you need to supercharge your lead generation, dominate search results, or establish your brand as the industry leader, we have a proven track record of success – because we’ve done it for our own businesses first.

We combine a deep understanding of growth marketing’s cutting edge with the real-world experience of having built and scaled companies from the ground up. This means we cut through the noise, relentlessly focus on results, and become a true extension of your team, invested in helping your business thrive.

What our awesome
customers say

Our team’s proven strategies and execution have helped numerous brands achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

Team Intelligence fuels growth without borders.

We partner with ambitious businesses & top talent worldwide, delivering the expertise and strategies you need to achieve your goals. Whether you’re seeking to expand your market or tap into our proven strategies, we’re ready to collaborate across time zones to achieve your goals. Let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand globally.

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