How We Increased Eye Massager Sales with PPC, Boosting ROI by 677%

Our client, an e-commerce retailer specializing in eye massagers, sought to break into a growing market and drive sales. They faced challenges including high competition, the need to attract a consistent flow of new customers, and establishing themselves as a strong contender in the European market.

We responded by crafting strategic Search, Display, and Remarketing campaigns within Google Ads, leveraging proven PPC best practices. Our tactics were designed to outmaneuver competitors within the local market. The result was a remarkable 677% ROI increase, propelling business growth and expanding their reach across Europe.

The Goal

Team Intelligence designed a customized all-digital solution to marketing that united the brand recognition boosting powers of social media advertising with the compelling “value right now” urgency of search engine marketing.

Team Intelligence implemented an Alpha-Beta-Gamma campaign structure better geared at cost-effectively snatching inventory from enterprise competitors like Shutterstock and Getty Images.

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Twenty20 is an innovative new player disrupting the crowded stock visual media space with a revolutionary twist on a tried-and-true mode, but to get from their brand mission to a successful company took time, effort, and ingenuity. Twenty20 knew it possessed a key differentiator from other entrants in the marketplace, yet subscription revenue growth was stagnant due to reliance on an inconsistent sales process.

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