Team Intelligence Elevates E-Learning Campaigns through Comprehensive Digital Marketing Support

Our client, a prominent provider of digital marketing services, sought a skilled digital marketing technician to enhance the implementation, optimization, analysis, and reporting of their clients’ campaigns. With a focus on maximizing client success in the e-learning domain, they required a digital marketing technician adept in both foundational and advanced aspects of online advertising and analytics. The goal was to not only maintain but elevate the quality of service by introducing expert hands-on management of technical tasks.

The Challange

The primary challenge was finding a digital marketing technician who could seamlessly integrate into the existing team structure and take responsibility for the detailed technical execution of campaigns. The role required an individual with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in managing both foundational and cutting-edge digital marketing tools and platforms. This included proficiency in paid advertising channels like Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram, as well as familiarity with analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Data Studio

The client’s strategy and account management were well-established, meaning the technician needed to adapt quickly and efficiently to their systems without disrupting ongoing operations. Furthermore, the technician needed to possess the capability to implement, optimize, and report on campaigns in a way that was aligned with the strategic goals specific to the e-learning sector. They needed to understand the unique dynamics and consumer behaviors of this market to effectively drive engagement and conversions. 

The challenge also involved maintaining the high quality of the client’s existing content and ensuring that the paid campaigns complemented rather than overshadowed the organic efforts, thereby enhancing overall campaign performance and ROI.

The Strategy

To meet these challenges, the following strategic steps were outlined for the digital marketing technician:

  1. Platform Expertise
    • Essential: Mastery in Facebook/Instagram Paid Ads and Google Ads for broad and targeted campaign management.
    • Bonus: Proficiency with Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Paid Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, and Google Merchant Center for enhanced tracking and detailed analytics.
  2. Task Execution
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads: Installation and management of Facebook Pixel, conducting target market research, audience selection within platforms, and full-spectrum campaign creation including ad images and copywriting. Regular reviews, optimizations, and detailed reporting are also integral.
    • Google Ads Management:
      • Search Campaigns: Conducting keyword research, crafting ad copy, and building comprehensive campaigns.
      • Shopping/Performance Max: Managing product feeds, Performance Max ad copywriting, and oversight of Google Display and YouTube ads campaigns.
      • Continuous campaign review and optimization, paired with rigorous reporting.
  3. Analytics and Reporting
    • Utilization of Google Analytics for robust reporting and insightful analysis of campaign performance.
    • Creation of customized reports in Looker Data Studio and management via Supermetrics to ensure real-time data accessibility and actionable insights.

Results with Team Intelligence

Implementing this comprehensive strategy led to transformative results for our client’s e-learning campaigns:

  • Amount Spent: $22,000
  • Purchases: 185 course enrollments
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 6.2x
  • Conversion Value: $91,315

These outcomes emphasize the success of our tailored advertising efforts, which converted a strategic investment into substantial revenue gains. Achieving a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6.2x, our campaign demonstrated that for each dollar spent, the client gained $6.20 in return. This level of performance is particularly impressive within the fiercely competitive landscape of e-learning and online education, underscoring the effectiveness of our targeted advertising strategies and the impactful nature of our advertisement content. 

Our focus on modern marketing techniques—including mobile optimization, and sophisticated retargeting strategies—allowed us to not only capture but also deeply engage the intended audience, thereby driving substantial increases in course enrollments and overall sales.

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