Propelling Online Finance Coaching Through Targeted Social Media Campaigns by Team Intelligence

An online finance coach partnered with Team Intelligence to craft a high-performing social media advertising campaign to promote an online finance coaching program designed to guide participants through the complexities of achieving their financial goals within 90 days. The program focuses on providing participants with structured guidance, expert support, and innovative financing solutions to navigate and overcome the challenges of property ownership and wealth accumulation.

The Challange

The primary challenge was to engage a broad demographic, ranging from 25 to 55 years old, who were at various stages of their financial journey but shared a common goal of enhancing their financial acumen and achieving specific wealth milestones quickly. This required a nuanced understanding of the target audience’s financial aspirations and the obstacles they face, such as navigating complex real estate transactions and securing financing under tight deadlines.

Furthermore, the campaign needed to cut through the noise of the competitive financial coaching market. It was essential to craft messages that not only resonated with the target audience but also motivated them to enroll in the online finance coaching program. The effectiveness of these campaigns was critical in driving traffic to the landing page and generating high-quality leads, necessitating a strategic blend of compelling ad creatives, precise audience targeting, and robust campaign management to ensure optimal engagement and conversion rates.

The Strategy

To tackle these challenges, Team Intelligence implemented a comprehensive social media strategy:

  1. Targeted Advertising: Developing a data-driven advertising plan that pinpointed the ideal audience segments on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Creative Development: Crafting compelling visuals and ad copy that highlighted the benefits and unique selling points of the online finance coaching program.
  3. Campaign Management: Meticulously setting up and managing the campaign across the chosen social media platforms, ensuring all ads were optimized for performance and engagement.
  4. Performance Monitoring and Adjustment: Utilizing A/B testing and ongoing performance analysis to refine tactics and improve the campaign’s effectiveness throughout its duration.

Results with Team Intelligence

The meticulously crafted campaign led to outstanding results:

  • Amount Spent: $14,000
  • Purchases: 260 program enrollments
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 4.1x
  • Conversion Value: $52,000

These metrics demonstrate the campaign’s high efficiency, achieving a ROAS of 4.1x, indicating that every dollar spent generated $4.10 in revenue. This success underscores the strategic alignment of the campaign with the target audience’s needs and the compelling nature of the tailored ad content. 

By focusing on targeted strategies and dynamic content, Team Intelligence not only enhanced brand awareness for the online finance coaching program but also significantly increased participant sign-ups, driving both immediate and long-term success for the client.

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